Friday, April 13, 2012

Maxus Dragonoid

Maxus Dragonoid is a combination of seven Bakugans that unite to form the Ultimate Bakugan . Maxus Dragonoid is formed by combining Neo Dragonoid , Ventus Spitarm , Darkus Dark Hound , Subterra Grakas Hound , Aquos Grafias , Pyrus Spyderfencer and Haos Brachium . It battles as one devastating united force . All the bakugan that make Maxus Dragonoid can be used individually all in the same battle , but fully assembled Maxus Dragonoid can't be used in battle .

Ultimate Dragonoid

Ultimate Dragonoid is evolved from Delta Dragonoid . It is the second evolution of Drago .

Infinity Dragonoid

The Infinity Dragonoid is the third evolution of Drago . Ultimate Dragonoid evolved when receiving the Infinity Core from Wavern .

Monday, February 27, 2012

Neo Dragonoid

Neo Dragonoid is a Bakugan and a downgraded evolution of Infinity Dragonoid . It is a Guardian Bakugan of Dan Kuso . Famous for being one of the Six Fighting Bakugan who stopped the destruction of Vestroia . It resurrected New Vestroia . Neo Dragonoid reunites with Dan to battle the Vexos that are enslaving Bakugan . He uses his gigantic wings as a shield against fire , water and wind .
Dark Neo Dragonoid