Thursday, October 13, 2011


Urun is the leader of the Auriga Tribe and a member of the Hierarchy . He wishes to retake Aiur for the flory of the protoss . He a phoenix pilot and an admiral . Urun was unhappy that Dahl didn't propose a return to Aiur , and was angered to learn that Zeratul , Selendis and Artanis had abandoned survivors on Aiur years ago . However , Vartanil himself agreed with this action , blunting Urun's protest . Urun proposed searching for more survivors on Aiur until told they'd been killed , and even then proposed sending an expedition to Aiur in order to retrieve clues . However , fellow Hierarchy member Mohandar found a more likely location for Zamara . He died in c. 2512 at a distant , shadowed world .

Wednesday, October 12, 2011


Selendis represent the best and the brightest of what the Protoss can be : fiercely loyal to her race's ideals . She have blue eyes and she is one of the female protoss that is named . She's completely dedicated and focused beyond any mere human capacity . She is a student of Artanis . Shortly after Artanis cleanses Shakuras of Zerg , Selendis takes part in an expedition to rescue three stranded heroes from Aiur ; however , the mission was sabotaged by Ulrezaj , who kills two of the trapped warriors . During this time , Selendis became aware of the other Protoss survivors stranded on Aiur , but as it was not believed possible to save them , their existence is kept a secret . Later , Selendis commands the defenses of the dark templar archives on Ehlna against attack by Zerg and Ulzeraj , resulting in Ulzeraj's defeat . In the recognition of following The Great War she was promoted to executor , or sometimes called high executor . Now she is Artanis's assistant and commanding the combinde forces of the protoss . She died in c. 2512 at distant , shadowed world at the possible future . Her occupation is a zealot , carrier commander and high executor .

Tuesday, October 11, 2011


Jewel is a female spix macaw , an opposite of Blu . She cherishes her freedom and does not like cages . She is sometimes called The Gem of the Forest . She have long batting eyelashes and silky cerulean feathers . Jewel is very independent and always thinks of escaping or flying . She doesn't trust humans as she badly clawed one of Tulio's assistant . Jewel has a split personality : an aggressive side and a sweet side which Blu likes .

Nerf Deploy CS-6

The Nerf Deploy CS-6 is a dart blaster that transform from flashlight mode to blaster mode . It is a shotgun style pump for dart blasting using a clip that holds 6 darts . If you want to increase the gun's range than put in a barrel . It has a scope built in the handle plus a tactical rail on top of it . It comes with the gun , clip and ammo , a instruction booklet of course , and a carrying strap . It's torch needs 3 AAA batteries to operate . When deploying the gun into blaster mode , press the button at the top of the carrying handle . The clip will fall to the left side and the stock will be pushed backwards , revealing the firing handle . When back to flashlight mode , you must push the torch part upwards and press the button near the stock to push it back in . Theirs a secret dart hole in front of the pumping thing , which enables you to fire the seventh dart .

Air Zone Punisher

The Air Zone Punisher is a motorized full auto gatling dart blaster . It needs 6 D batteries to operate . It is belt fed that contains 30 darts . The Punisher's barrel rotates that produces cool gatling sound . It cannot operate if the ammo box is not put in . It has a power grip for blasting in a gatling style . It also has a stabilizer support for stabilizing firing . Just hold down the trigger , the barrel rotates and blast out darts .