Thursday, August 27, 2009


Rattleoid is a slithering rattlesnake that has a three-pronged metallic tail. Two large fangs releases a lethal poison. Indestructible horns on its head with bright red eyes to hypnotized its opponents. Strategy of camouflage itself during combat.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009


Monarus is a Bakugan that resembles a butterfly. One of the fastest Bakugan thanks to its big wings and ultra light weight. Has ability to fly beyond gate cards. Enormous butterfly wings create a mighty hurricane wind to defeat its enemies.


Mantris is a nasty insect-like Bakugan, used mostly by Masquerade. Blades sets into its feet, eyes that can see behind its head. Striking at remarkable speed to eliminate its enemies.

Monday, August 24, 2009


Manion is a mysterious sphinx. Has golden amour protecting head, body, and forearms. A four footed creature that has a terrorizing claws. Soaring with its huge wingspan it preys on its opponents at above.


Limulus is a trilobite-like Bakugan with dangerous spikes on its back. Wrapping fearsome tentacles around its opponents it renders its enemies helpless. Limulus uses its opponents power to increase its own strength as the battle intensifies.


Laseman is one of Masquerade`s favorite Bakugan to send opponents to the Doom Dimension. A giant of a monster with three laser cannon atop its shouder. Each canon has its own unique lasers that can extinguish fires, freeze water, and explode rocks.


Juggernoid can possesses the most natural destructive force of any Bakugan. Inflicting even the smallest amount of damage to this heavily armored walking fortress has proven to be a very difficult task. Its armored has no visible weakness to exploit during battle. The force with which Juggernoids hammers opponents sent shockwaves throughout the universe.


Hynoid is a hyena with a humanoid-like body resembling a werewolf. One of the fastest Bakugan, Hynoid ruthlessly tracks down its enemies. Hynoid creates a stunning lightning and thunder to attack its enemies.


Griffon can possesses a deafening roar to stun its opponents. Its hands has sharp claws that never dull. Have powerful wings that give the ability to fly in the highest in the air. Has a serpent tail that possesses a venomous bite, which can easily defeat an enemy brawler.


Gargonoid is a humanoid creature with a face and wings like a gargoyle. Spins adorns on its tip of its wings. Massively sharp horns on its head and claw-like fingernails.

Fear Ripper

The negative energy of the silent core has taken over Fear Ripper`s power of reason. Fear Ripper uses its sharp and big claws, which are triple the size of its head, for cutting and slashing its enemies. It is a chameleon, capable for changing into fire, earth, light water and wind and never reveals its identity.